Create Digital Store - Start selling in 3 easy steps

a. Register your business in 10 seconds.
b. Add products or services using readymade catalogue or manually add the products.
c. Your store’s website is ready, share it with your customers via WhatsApp, social media etc.

Marketing - Use AI Enabled personalized marketing to sell more

Which products customer is most likely to buy today? Get daily recommendation using AI and send offers to get more orders.

Billing - Bill the items and accept payment via Sterve payment options.
Guranteed 24 hrs settlement**.

Steps to follow-

a. Create bills using Sterve billing feature.
b. Accept payment from your customers using Sterve payment options.
c. Customer pays the bill and you will receive the amount on your bank account.

Sales & Expense Book - Need a RELIABLE and ACCURATE business financial reports?

Now, no need to worry about missing notes or miscalculations. With Sterve Business’s Sales & Expense Book feature, your profits are calculated automatically.

Credit Book -You forgot to collect debt and customers are often late in paying debts

Follow the steps below and collect the debt 3X faster

a. Add debt in Sterve Credit Book so that its not lost.
b. Set reminder date when you want customer to pay.
c. Send the reminder to the customer via WhatsApp and collect the payment.